Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Love

We didn't start the weekend off with any grand plans...and we pretty much kept it that way.  Other than the time we spent swimming at the gym (or in my case soaking in hot tub) we stayed in and just enjoyed the down time. 

They all eventually made their way into our
bed to watch cartoons :)

Weather got warm enough on Sunday to actually play outside!  I made my first walk around the yard to get an idea of what I would have to be doing this far as replacing plants.  I was shocked to see green on several plants.

I finished the weekend by making this orange cake.  My mom made this a couple weeks back and I declared it my second favorite cake.  And now I have the recipe! 

This week is busy with work, more work and a splash of wine to help make it through all that work.  I am thankful Indoor Track is done for the season....however I only have about a week of  break time before Outdoor Track starts for the year.  Tommy has reminded me that in a months time he can get his learners permit....I remind him constantly I CAN'T WAIT til he can drive!  Hope your week is starting off great!

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