Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday Love

Yes, yes I know....I went MIA for a little over a week.  Ever bite off more than you can chew?  I do....ALL the time.  But usually I can manage.  But not last week.  Between working extra hours, kids sporting events, a birthday party, teeth being pulled (Emma not me) and having "the crud" (me not Emma) I just wasn't able to do much more than keep my head above water.  But I'm back and this week is looking a little brighter :)

This weekend we had Emma's 3rd birthday party, went to a friends house for the Superbowl, changed out the seasonal tree and prepared for another long week.

Check out the food!

I have a few Valentine's related crafts I want to get to this week....but we will have to see where the days take us....Happy Monday everybody. 


  1. Beautiful tree! I still can't believe she is 3!!!

  2. I love that you have a "holiday tree." :-) My hubby won't let me have one! (Ok, he probably would if I REALLY wanted one) :-)