Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wine and Design

We've all heard of wine and cheese....but how about Wine and Design?  Wine and Design is a new spot in Richmond (and in North Carolina/South Carolina) for people interested in painting a masterpiece....while having a little wine.  O.k. you may not paint a masterpiece but you will probably come away with a pretty painting and great experience. 

A couple months back some friends and I bought vouchers off of Living Social for this studio.  We finally were able to give it a whirl this last weekend.  The idea is that you pick a night to go, take a bottle of wine and enjoy a couple hours of painting while sipping your wine.  A few things you should know....#1 You can choose the painting you want to paint.  Go to their web site.  Check out the calendar and look at what is being painted.  Don't like it?  Pick another day/night.  #2 You can buy wine, beer and choose from a menu of food there at the studio.  I like that the studio we went to had Virginia Wine.  My kinda place!  #3 Even non-painters, such as myself, can do this.  I have NO artistic ability.  NONE, I tell you!  But the class instructor will direct you through it.  Step by step you follow the instructor and it turns into your very own one of a kind masterpiece :)

They did the sketching before we got there.  That helped a lot

Invasion of the corkcicle

Before hitting this place up we had dinner at a local BBQ place.  That was good but next time I know I can get a bite to eat there at the studio.  This is the perfect place for 'girl's night', bachelorette parties, a couple that are looking for a new date night idea, or just because you are feeling like having some wine and working on something artistic.  I've already scoped out what I want to paint next!!!  I feel another girl's night coming on :)

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