Saturday, November 3, 2012

An Attitude of Gratitude Day 3

I know, I know....I'm slow today.  But it's been a BUSY day! 

Day 3 of an attitude of gratitude:  I'm grateful....for messes.  Yes you heard me right.  I'm grateful for messes like this one.....

I know you are scratching your head and thinking I've lost my marbles....but give me a minute.  Life is about taking the crap that gets thrown at you and turning it around.  And an attitude of gratitude is about looking for the good.  In this I found...I am lucky that I can feed my family breakfast on a cold morning.  I have power (which because of Hurricane Sandy many people are without right now), I have an income to afford a home/kitchen to cook in, I can buy the food to make breakfast, I have a wonderful family to share it with...and I have a wonderful hubby that will help me clean the mess :)  With all that in can I be grumpy?  So this morning when my waffles (yes I make orange waffles) overflowed I did crinkle my nose for a few seconds.  Then I shrugged my shoulders, sipped my hot coffee and said "oh well the counters need cleaning anyway."  And when Christy shouted "We're having waffles, I love waffles" I knew the mess didn't matter one bit.  Hope you find a great mess this week....I'll be back tomorrow :)

I'll explain about the orange waffles sometime....just remind me. 

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