Saturday, November 17, 2012

An Attitude of Gratitude Day 17

Ohhhh I almost made it!  I had a goal of posting every day until Thanksgiving but the Busy Bryants got really busy and I couldn't do much more than crawl in bed at the end of yesterday.  But I AM back today to get on with counting my blessings. 

Day 17 of An Attitude of Gratitude reminds me to be thankful for my health.  Not only my health but the health of my family.  I have been blessed with three healthy kids and every day I thank my lucky stars for it.  There have been a few minor bumps in the road (cough cough-son of mine-if you break another bone I will start sending you outside dressed in bubble wrap) but for the most part we are all doing well. 

Today my sister, her hubby, a girlfriend and I ran in a 5K to benefit a group that does research on and supports families of children with cancer.  What better cause can a mother of three healthy kids support?  And to make the race even more worth the effort.....was the fact that at each water stop you could eat Dunkin' Donuts' donut holes.  And we all know "America Runs on Dunkin' Donuts" 

Ready for the 2nd Annual
Dunkin' Donuts Munchkin 5K

They told us that there were about 5,000 donut holes there to be consumed.  I had to do my duty people and eat as many as possible.  But running and eating ANYTHING at the same time does not mix.  I only had 5 and figured some teenager would be able to eat the rest of my share.  And part of the goodies bag was a voucher to get a dozen donut holes at a local Dunkin' Donuts in the next couple months.  Hello!  Awesome!  Plus after the race there were a ton of door prizes!  Over all a good morning....little chilly at the start but nothing a few donut holes couldn't fix.

BTW the name of the charity that benefited from the run is can find out more about them here

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