Sunday, November 4, 2012

An Attitude of Gratitude Day 4

In this season of Thanksgiving I wanted to share those things I'm most grateful to have in my life.  Today I'm most grateful for this person...

Mr Busy Bryant (Mark)

Yea from this picture you can't tell a lot about the man...but I can fill you in on why I'm so grateful for him.  For starters in our first year of marriage Mark went from living his life as a bachelor to having a new wife, a new baby and being a step dad to two pre-teenagers.  Talk about baptism by fire!  His days of staying up late and getting up even later were OVER.  He gladly shared his home with us only for me to come in and change....just about everything in the place :) And he never complained.  He traded in his sporty mustang for a more "family" oriented car...and now he drives what we call "The bus".  Again....without complaint.  All of those things alone would seem trying for most people...but add in the fact he married ME and it's an entirely different ball game.  I didn't come with instructions and I'm still figuring things out myself...and yet he just grins and nods and goes with the flow.  Now lets throw in the mix that he when he married me he married in to one CRAZY family....but he still just grins and nods and goes with the flow.  I tell him "Hey were going to stay in a cabin, camp in a hot tent, drive 10 hours to Florida, stay with a bazillion kids in a far off place" and he just grins and nods and goes with the flow...he does help pack a lot of wine so maybe that is why he grins so much???  Today on one of his days off the got up early, helped rake the yard and did a dozen little things around the house to help me out...without one complaint...and for that I am grateful.  Tomorrow I may want to clobber him...but today I'm grateful! 

And the picture above....was after a long day of running around, cleaning house, party prepping and playing with Emma.  I'm amazed he wasn't in a coma!  He really is awesome :) 

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