Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Last of November

I didn't intend to put up my Christmas decorations this last weekend.  It just sorta happened.  Mark was in the attic and offered to get down all the Christmas boxes...and I wasn't about to turn down that offer.  And I couldn't just leave the boxes sitting around for a week.  It's far too much stuff to just leave down.  So I put up away my Thanksgiving goodies.  But before I totally put them away I got some pictures and wanted to share.

As much as I love Christmas and my Christmas decorations I actually hated to see the Thanksgiving stuff get put away.  Ho hum...I'll be working on some pictures of the Christmas things I've put up.  I went with a color theme this year for some of my decorations.  Can you guess what favorite color of mine is springing up on my tree???

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