Saturday, November 10, 2012

An Attitude of Gratitude Day 10

As we're off busy hiking and biking our way through the forests and roasting our marshmallows by the fire I thought I would let you enjoy visions of An Attitude of Gratitude Day 10. 

As you ALL should know by now...the adult Bryants have a deep love and passion for Virginia Wine!  And I do emphasize Virginia Wine.  #1 is supports local businesses and we're all about that around here.  #2 it tastes great!  Now sometimes you have to search for that one wine that suits you best but that is the case with all wine...Virginia or other.  #3 well really there is no other reason except I like to visit places and wineries are usually beautiful and Virginia is full of them. 

I think people that are passionate about their wine have a special connection.  Some of my best memories this last year were made while connecting with those friends that have the same love for wine.  Talking about the wineries we've visited and making plans to visit new ones, the wine festivals we've been to or what foods pair well with what wine.    I already can't wait for warmer weather so that we can enjoy nights out on the deck with those friends....maybe we'll have to just move out to the fire pit and sip our wine during the winter :)

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