Thursday, November 8, 2012

An Attitude of Gratitude Day 8

On this 8 of my Attitude of Gratitude...I'm thankful for these two folks....

Ma and Pa Kettle :) she is laughing....non sneezing!

If anyone ever wants to know where I get my sense of humor, my stubbornness, my hot temper or if you have ever wondered where I get my super awesomeness.....then look no futher than my parents.  At times we have a love/hate relationship and at times I know they shake their heads and wonder where they went wrong :)  But at the end of the day I love them and I know that they love me.  Heck, if for nothing else they love me for giving them three grand kids!  Haha. 

They have hung in there for most of our adventures and even when we pull out of the driveway not exactly sure what lies ahead they only complain a little :)  I have booked them into a hotel with the Pegan Motorcycle Club, had them stay in a camp infested with skunks and dragged them to more wineries than I'm sure they ever care to see...but they keep saying yes to going with us so I'll keep asking....because it always more of an adventure when they go! 

Hey mom and packed for this weekend yet?  The cabin is calling!

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  1. They are the best parents in the world! Couldn't ask for better ones!