Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday Love

This weekend our adventure rested in the bottom of a paint can!  New floors are being installed in the house but before they are I wanted the walls painted.  I luck is the kind that we would put down the floors and I would drop a gallon of paint on them....OHHHH NOOOOO!  I want no parts of that.  So we spent the weekend taping and painting our living room and dining room. 

They actually are coming today to put in the floors.  I am so excited!!!  And the good news about us painting...I am in LOVE with the color.  And that is a darn hard thing for me.  It's NOT turquoise so for me to love it anyway is close to a miracle.  The even better news is that the room only took one coat, I bought enough for two coats.  Now I see visions of my bedroom in the exact same shade of gray!  Happy Monday peoples!  Hope the week is starting off right for you. 

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