Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The 2013 Richmond Jazz Festival

I can add a new first to my list in the year 2013.  This year I attended my first Richmond Jazz Festival.  It wasn't the first jazz festival in Richmond, keep in mind, it was just MY first time going.  I certainly plan on it not being my last either. 

Held at Maymont and a couple local venues, this was the perfect place to see a part of Richmond that you wouldn't routinely see.  The price is not cheap, $65 for the Saturday or Sunday shows.  And yes I said Saturday OR Sunday.  $65 does not cover BOTH days.  But what you do get are two stages with dozens of performers, beautiful scenery and for me....a magic day with a best friend.  You can take your own cooler, picnic, chairs and blankets.  No alcohol (but they have a bar if you do want a frosty cold drink) and no umbrellas.  The day we went it rained...but we were prepared...with ponchos.  The storm came....guests were asked to go back to their cars to wait it out....we did NOT budge.  We were going for the rebel effect.  

And here comes the storm

Us....after the rain :0)

These tents are right next to the stage and are for rent through the festival website.

In case you don't want to tote in a cooler there are plenty of vendors on site.  But no seats to rent or borrow so bring your own.  We loved every minute of the Jazz Festival.  Rain and all.  I see this becoming an annual event my best girlfriend and myself :-)  

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