Friday, August 2, 2013

Twin Lakes State Park

Near Farmville, Virginia, along U.S. 360, is Twin Lakes State Park.  I had been meaning to visit for some time but we never seemed to have a free day.  As luck would have it a couple weeks back we found ourselves with a day off and NO PLANS!  So of course I had to fix that!  Twin Lakes Park was just over an hour from our house so it was the perfect "get away" but still close enough to not spend all day in the car.

The park is close to 500 acres and has two lakes, Goodwin Lake and Prince Edward Lake.  Lake Goodwin has a beach, trails, picnic shelters, a playground and a camp store.  Prince Edward Lake has cabins, a conference center and more trails to scout out.  The beach on Goodwin ended up being our destination of the day.  There was paddle boating, water features for Emma and with the camp store near by even if I hadn't brought food we would have been set. 

Life guard ON DUTY!

The Camp Store
Ignore the pasty legs please!

There was a $3 cost to enter the park and then a $4 cost to actually go swimming from the beach.  Paddle boats cost maybe $6 for 30 mins which was fine since after 30 mins our legs (Mark's legs) were tired :-) While we were there we scoped out the cabins and I see us spending a weekend there in the very near future.  Another State Park marked off our LIST!!! 

This weekend I see paint brushes....and paint.  Monday we get new flooring so the walls to the living room and dining area must be no far off adventures for us.  How about you...what's the weekend looking like?    

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