Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Annefield Vineyard

Ever heard of Saxe Virginia?  Me either.  At least not until Mark and I visited in May.  We were staying at Staunton River State Park and touring some of the nearby attractions.  One of our stops was at Annefield Vineyards  in Charlotte County.  Just getting to this winery was an adventure for us.  I usually use Google Maps when I need directions.  BUT in this section of Virginia (Southern Virginia-about 30 miles from Buggs Island) there is no cell service with Verizon.  So that left me with a paper map put out by the Virginiawine.org.  And that map was.....well very basic.  It could get you to the general area but that is about it.  We covered some beautiful country, we followed signs for the winery, and we hoped like no body's business that we were headed in the right direction. 

When we saw the winery sign we both cheered.

When we saw the actual house we both drooled.

Gorgeous!  The pictures did not do it justice.  And to look at there website and see how it looked when they found the home....the transformation is incredible. 

You can check out their wine list on their website.  The wines were wonderful but only three made it home with us.  There was a winery cat and a couple of dogs-GIANT dogs.  All sweet and friendly.  Emma tried to talk them into coming home with us.  There was only room for the wine so the animals stayed behind. The winery was busy getting ready for an outdoor event that evening and we didn't want to get in the way.  So we didn't walk around the grounds outside.  The big front porch did have some guests enjoying what they had purchased and I have to admit it looked tempting to join them....but we had other adventures awaiting us.  I did ask for directions before leaving to get us to our next stop and the hostess was kind enough to tell me how to get to a couple places we might be interested in.  I always tell people that I do love my wine....but more than that I love visiting the wineries and vineyards and this visit was a prime example why.   
Beautiful country, stunning homes, and wonderful people--and yes wine!

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