Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Summer List 2014

Have you made out your Summer 2014 "to do" list yet?  I made out ours and then I pulled out the calendar and started making plans to turn the list into reality.  The oldest child will be away for a month attending a special program...he is excited to go...I am not as excited for him to leave.  But it will be a good experience for him so I'm going to deal with it.  The only problem is he is going to miss out on some fun stuff! 

Some how I think he is going to survive this better than I will.

Last week I was pretty MIA because every single night we were either at practice for a dance recital or at the actual recital.  But it is OVER and everyone came away from it still intact.

And to add to the excitement we finally were able to complete the Tough Mudder.  This one was a little more tough but we managed and even think we'll sign up to do it again if it's in the general area. 

As far as that summer list goes....we have zip lining, concerts, biking, hiking, beaching, camping, wine drinking, beer tasting, take the kids to the park....we tried to cover all the bases!  I have a good amount already booked and tickets bought.  Just another normal summer for the Bryants. 

What is on your summer list?


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