Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Is it Friday Yet

Is it Friday yet?  Am I the only one day dreaming about what the weekend holds?  Am I the only one that thinks back to the last weekend and can't wait to do it all over again?

Sometime we actually stay home on a weekend so there isn't a grand adventure to share...but there are still great things we get to do right here at home.  Saturday I introduced Mark to a new coffee spot in Old Town Petersburg.  I think I have him hooked ;-)

And there is always something to change out the Seasonal Tree.  Father's Day is coming up so I tricked the tree out with "Dad Ornaments"....that means the tree has some fishing, beer, wine, tractor, blue, manly stuff on it.

I didn't do anything with these roses over the weekend except trim a few back...but they are too pretty not to share.

Other than the usual running around we pretty much have been keeping at home.  The next couple weeks are busy with school banquets, work commitments, a coupld of races (one being the dreaded Tough Mudder) and one dance recital that is taking up an entire week.  So yeah home is where it's at these days.

Day dreaming of this!

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