Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Summer Time Fun and MTT Post #1

The unofficial start of summer was just over a week ago and The Busy Bryants have been busy trying to make the most out of every single second!

Mural in Richmond

We've ran a couple races, been through not one but two weeks worth of dance recitals, joined a pool, finished out the Girl Scout year and I even took the plunge and signed up to run a marathon.

Tell me those boots aren't the cutest

Samoa donuts from Buttermilk Bakeshop

Me and Mr. Busy at The James River Run

Hometown Heroes 5K

You did hear right...as if I'm not busy enough I signed up for a marathon!  Well actually right now I'm just signed up for the training but signing up for the marathon is just a technicality.  We started out on this past Sunday with a short run along Richmond's streets.  I trained for the half marathons on my own but I felt like taking that next big step I would need someone to help (push) me along.  The marathon training teams (MTT) are sub-divided into color teams.  I'm on the Pink team.  I'll be giving up my Sunday mornings of leisure for long runs and sweat.  But I'm excited to see it through.  My plan, and don't hold me to it, will be to post the progress here.  

MTT Pink Nation

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer and making the most of it.  Happy adventuring.  

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