Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Tuesday Night Fun.....WHAT?

It's called a Fun Run.  It's not a race, it's not necessarily designed to be training, nothing too organized about's just fun.  When I trained for the half marathon I would just go out once a week and run a long run and increase the distance each time.  Probably not the best way but it was MY way.  For the full marathon things are going to be a bit different.  Sports Backers Marathon Training Team (MTT) has, what seems, a better approach.  But it does involve mid-week training.  Sooooooooooo I started looking at different ways to get in my running without it being the same old-same old.  Then it hit me! There is a local running club/group, Tri-Cities Road Runners, that I belong to and they have a weekly 'fun run'.  I had never attended, blame it on my introvert self, but now seemed like a great time to give it a try. 

They meet at a local restaurant, in Old Towne Petersburg, and run an unspecified distance.  Seems like it's a runners choice type thing.  Then after the run they stick around the restaurant for appetizers.  I like running and I like food so win-win.  I Facebooked the group that I would be there and come Tuesday evening I put on my running shoes and joined in on the Tuesday Night Fun Run.  It was just a hair over 4 miles and like advertised it started and finished at the restaurant.  And since it's just a group of people getting together to run there is not cost like at an organized race.  So really it's win-win-win. 

Geez that is a lot of miles

Part of the trail we ran with the fun run
I did come away from this with one thing....I need a different way to track my running.  I use the App Runkeeper but since it's on my phone I tend to forget to turn it off.  Plus it drains my battery.  I have been browsing Amazon for trackers and have a feeling I'm going to go with the Garmin Forerunner 15.  If anyone has used one before any advise would be appreciated. 
Next Tuesday Mr. Busy and I are going to a concert but after that I will be making the fun runs part of my weekly habit :-) 
Happy running/adventuring my friends. 

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