Wednesday, October 26, 2011

October Adventure Day 2

Day 2

Yesterday I shared the details of our Great October Adventure day 1....and as promised have some of the details from day 2 today. 

As I blogged here Day 1 was packed with fun stuff and plenty to keep us busy.  We ended the day at the park and found our way to our hotel for the second night.  We stayed at the Days Inn in Roanoke.  As we pulled in we knew it could turn into an interesting night.  There was a motorcycle "club" filling the parking lot.  I could see from the corner of my eye Mark was already cussing me...But how was I to know that The Pagans would be staying at the same hotel as us for the night!?!?  It turned out that it was no different from any other night at any other hotel.  It was an ok place to stay (easy on off I-81 and close to the city) but it wasn't as clean as I would have liked. 

Christy claiming her bed.

The good news is that between dinner and a quick (accidental trip to the airport) we weren't at the hotel that long.  The trip to the airport was thanks to Garmin :) 

Early Sunday morning we excused ourselves from the Pagans and hit the road for the second leg of our park tour.  

Blueridge mountains

See they DO love each other.

This portion of the parkway (milepost 100 -->south) has more tunnels and wide open spaces with less mountain overlooks.  It was still just as pretty and just as many things to do. 

Picnic area

More time to play in leaves

Gramps chasing Tommy

At milepost 176 we stopped and visited Mabry Mill.  I think my dad and mom liked this stop the most.  It is an old sawmill, blacksmith shop, distillery and there is a visitor center and restaurant here as well. 

Mabry Mill
This was one of the busier spots to stop.  But you can see why.  Very rustic and scenic.  Things for the kids to see and touch.

The flume.

The water wheel

Mabry Mill

Family picture time.

This was the last stop for us in the park.  Just a little down the parkway from here we got off in Meadows of Dan and got onto Rt. 58.  This took us back east and we were heading home.   We didn't stop this time but there are a few wineries very close to this area. 

On the way home.

The park was so much more than what I remembered from a trip as a child.  Maybe it was being able to get out and do more this time...or maybe just being there with my own kids.  Either way it was a good time and highly recommended place to visit.  I know the autumn leaves made it all the more colorful but I could see us coming in the summer to try out some of the camping!  Mark and I would like to also come and stay at the lodge at Peaks of Otter.  Always looking for an adventure :)

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