Saturday, October 15, 2011

Taking the ferry from Scotland

Excuse me sir.  Which way to Scotland?
On Father's Day 2011 I had the bright idea of taking Mark and both of our parents to Williamsburg for breakfast.  Williamsburg is about one to two hours to our east and a place that we like to visit on special occasions.  Colonial Williamsburg, historic Jamestown and Yorktown are all within a hop-skip-and a jump of each other.  With all of that in one area you also have to have shopping, restaurants and plenty places to stay in order to support it.  And Williamsburg does not disappoint.  Anything you want to buy, eat or any place you want to stay....they have it. 

There are a few ways that we can actually get to Williamsburg.  And one of those ways is by way of the Jamestown-Scotland Ferry.  If you take Route 10 east and follow the signs you will come to Scotland.  Here you can board the ferry and take a 15-20 minute ride on the James River.  It runs 24 hours a day and is free!  My kinda ride!  One the way back you take Jamestown Road and just cross back over. 

Emma checking out the water from above

The gulls chasing the ferry looking for an easy dinner

While crossing over you can get out and walk around the ferry.  One one of them you can go up stairs and walk around the outside.  We had that ferry on the way back.  The other ferry only is enclosed upstairs. With the higher views you really get a beautiful view of the river itself, the homes on the river and a unique view of Jamestown.  Some people gathered at the back of the ferry to watch the gulls catching the fish that the ferry churned up. 

My in-laws taking in the views.

A view of the shore in the distance

As you approach the shore on the Williamsburg side you are actually coming up to the back of Jamestown.  If you wanted to visit there this would be a good way to travel if coming from Southern Virginia or Central Virginia.  It is also a good way to go if you just want pancakes and a scenic drive to get you there! 

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