Thursday, October 13, 2011

This place is for the animals

Yep they have one...who would have thought....Richmond has it's very own zoo.  OK technically it is in Chesterfield.  But either way The Metro Richmond Zoo is a great place to take the kids!  And it's actually a really nice zoo to visit.  I expected a few animals like you would find at a petting zoo for kids.  But they have a white rhino, kangaroo, cheetah, bears and lots of other animals to see. 

Feeding the giraffe

They also have a sky lift so that you can get a different view of the park!  We didn't try that but when I go with just the older kids we are so doing it!  They also have a safari ride that takes you on a fifteen minute trip through the park. 

Emma petting a goat

You can buy food that you or the kids can feed to the animals but any other food should only be eaten by the visitors-not the inhabitants!  Feeding the giraffes is really exciting since their tongues just about lick your entire arm.  You can enter the bird cages and the birds will perch on your finger or hand if you hold still enough.  Try explaining that to a toddler. 

Feeding the camel

The zoo has daily entry fees and an annual pass.  If you go a few times a year then definitely get the annual pass!  The daily fee is just under $12 and the annual pass is around $33 per person.  2 year old and under are free either way.  

If you have some time and want to get out the house, plan a trip to the zoo.  Now is the perfect time or year!

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  1. Sounds like a very nice zoo to visit. Looks like Emma (& the family) had a good time :)