Friday, October 14, 2011

Visiting The Plains

The view of the grounds at Great Meadows Event Cener

October 1, 2011 Tommy, my oldest, had a cross country meet in The Plains, VA.  The meet was held at The Great Meadows Event Center and let me tell was gorgeous!  Mountains in the distance, green grass all around and a tiny village that made my heart melt!  The event center is actually owned by a foundation and their intent was to keep this area open for use by the public.  From the looks of things there are horse competitions here as they have horse jumps set up around the property. 

We stayed in Manassass the night before the event at the Quality Inn Manassas.  It was a decent room and since we had went up right after work it really didn't matter to us as long as it was clean...and it was.  It was also quiet!  Even with a group of teenagers running around we got a good night sleep.  I woke up early and figured with all the kids staying at the hotel (kids going to the meet that day) their would be no breakfast left.  But the Inn kept breakfast stocked and put out more food as needed.  There was the usual donuts, bagels, toast, fruit and coffee.   But they also had bacon and hard boiled eggs.  The bacon was paper thin but if you had a taste for something salty with breakfast it at least hit the spot.

We had gone up expeting Saturday morning to be chilly.....but it was down right cold.  And windy!  I had taken a sweater but I really needed a coat.  Mark and the kids stayed in the bus most of the times.  I got out to cheer on the girls as they took off then went back to the bus to warmed up until the boys ran.  I loved watching them all take off.

A shot of the boys as they took off

 And I think the cold was actually a help to the runners.  Tommy and at least one team mate shaved off two mins from their times!  I think they ran so hard just to stay warm :)

Tommy approaching the finish line

As the boys were finishing the sun came out and we all started to warm up.  With the sun shining even Emma to come out and cheer on her big brother. 

Emma and Mommy trying to stay warm

More of the Great Meadows Event Center

This entire area has so many historic things to see and visit.  It probably needs a week all on it's own.   Being in NOVA it's close to D.C. if you ever plan a visit there.  I am sure Tommy will be running here again so I will be making an effort to spend more time taking in all that they have to offer :)

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