Friday, May 18, 2012


I have a confession to make....I have been too tired to even blog!  Blogging to me is almost like sitting down and talking to a friend.  I can tell everyone what we've been up to and if I'm lucky then some of my far away friends and family respond to tell me what THEY have been up too :)  I also enjoy keeping up with some of our family/friends by reading their blogs.  But lately I have  been crazy busy and not had the time to sit down and talk.  I feel like I've neglected a there I said it...glad I got it off my chest.  LOL.  I'm really not that dramatic but fun to act like I am. 

Actually my normal week is work, kid activity, work, gym, work, track meet, work, kid activity, gym, work.  This week it's just been all that and then some.  Tommy ran in the Districts Track Competition two days this week.  I've started a training program to get in shape for a race in September (more on that later).  Work keeps me busy but this week has been EXTRA busy.  And then there were the 20+ plants I got from Home Depot and my mother-in-law...had to get those suckers in the ground!  I do think I somehow thrive off of craziness because I just keep doing it to myself.  Anyhow....enough about are YOU???  Weekend plans?  Lots of good stuff to get in to and keep busy?  Or is it a relaxing weekend for you?  I know some people will be watching their children go off to graduate...and for them I am excited.  I know when it's my time to watch Tommy go I will cry my eyes out...and that is not being dramatic.  That is the truth!

Anyone see my kid?

I love growing this stuff!
 Just some random pics from this I didn't even have time for a lot of pictures....MUST be busy!

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