Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Love

Oh another weekend has come and gone...and another weekend was survived by the Busy Bryants.

Friday night Christy had a soccer game and the whole family was able to come out and cheer her on :)

Saturday morning Tommy had a track meet, Christy had soccer pictures and Mark and I had a Rugged Race to attend...How is it we end up with so much to do on our days off?  Not to worry.  My parents got Tommy off without a hitch, Christy's pictures were done way before schedule and the race was..........grueling but fantastic!

We're still thinking of a team name

Sunday Mark and I spent the day recooperating from the race...The kids were good enough to entertain themselves (so glad they like to read and play WOW). 

These Mr. Potato Head glasses sure do
get around

And we only had one small mishap this weekend

Thank goodness for the work week....not sure I can handle the weekend much more :)

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