Friday, May 11, 2012

Functional Art

This week while waiting on Mark to get off work and join me at Lowes I stopped in to Marshalls.  I always like walking around in their home goods section.  They usually have some things that I can't find in my usual haunts (Target).   This time I found something so true to our family that I had to get it, take it home and hang it right away!

The DysFUNctional rules :)

I know that subway art is a big thing right now but I like to have things just a little different.  So when I saw this I just laughed and said "yep that's us".  So now this greets you as you walk in and it should act as a warning...the house is a mess, the kids are probably all being really loud or maybe even doing something they shouldn't be doing, it is 100% possible food could fly at a family function (especially if my sister is there) but you can count on us to have fun. 

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