Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Rainbow Cake

I recently come across a recipe for a cake on the Betty Crocker Website.  It was for a cake that had multiple colors so to me it became the Rainbow Cake.  It had more steps than I was used to and of course I had to make it more "me" with sprinkles and goofy colors.  You use a simple box of cake mix (white cake), prepare the batter per the box instructions, divide it into three parts, add a different color to each part, pour the batter into pan (I think a bunt pan works the best) and layer the three parts of batter without mixing in between.  Bake per cake mix insturctions and voila!  I did the same with the icing and then just poured that over the top. 

I made this cake for Easter but everyone told me it looked like a Mardi Gras cake :)  I can totally see me doing this at Halloween with orange, black and purple and at Christmas with red, green and white.  Thank you Betty Crocker!

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  1. It does look like a Mardi Gras cake... I bet it was tasty :)