Friday, August 22, 2014

Covered Bridges in Virginia

What is it about a covered bridge that we find so charming? The VDOT website listed 6 covered bridges in Virginia and until we set off on vacation a couple weeks ago I had never seen the first one.  I had them on my list of "Go see" but they were never near anything we were going to visit.  Now I can say I've visited two.  If you want to see the list of briges check out the VDOT website. 

Bob White Bridge and Jack's Creek Bridge, both right off of Route 8 in Patrick County, are the two bridges we visited.

Bob White Bridge

Jacob's Creek Covered Bridge

Jacob's Creek

Glad they were covered bridges because it rained the entire visit to both of them!  Jack's Creek bridge can actually be seen from Route 8 but there are plenty of signs to let you know where to go.  And Bob White Bridge is just a couple miles (if that) further north right off of 8.  Again plenty of signs to mark the way.  Both bridges are near Fairy Stone State Park.  We have not visited that park yet so maybe when we do we can make another visit to these treasures...and hope it's NOT raining.

Still working on the post about New River Trail State Park's actual trail....lots of great pictures to share.  This weekend we are headed off to Nelson County to Run a Spartan Race...Have a great weekend! 

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