Friday, August 29, 2014

The Back-To-School Seasonal Tree

Here at our house it's that time of year again...the air is starting to chill just ever so slightly, the leaves have a started to yellow and bus engines are cranking for the first time since summer...BACK to SCHOOL.  I am a self proclaimed dork....I admit it.  I love this time of year!  I love the start of school.  New pencils.  New pens.  New notebooks.  New free time because kids are into their activities.  And a newly decorated seasonal tree to celebrate.

Every kid in my neighborhood probably thinks I have lost my mind!  But we like to have a little fun with the back to school theme.

Mini lunch boxes from Michael's, Crayon ornaments, school bus ornaments, #1 teacher ornaments, flash cards with a hook through them and glass balls in the primary colors make up the decorations on the tree.  The flags I ordered off of Amazon a couple years back.  The pencil vase I made using a tin can and pack of pencils. 

Tuesday the kids officially start back.  This will be an exciting year since I will have a Sophomore and SENIOR! 

This Labor Day weekend we have a few plans in the works.  Hope you have a safe and happy holiday folks. 

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