Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Lynchburg Virginia

Back in January our little family visited Lynchburg Virginia for a weekend.  We were there to watch Tommy run at Liberty University.  While there Mark and I took advantage of a few free hours and hiked around on the city's James River Heritage Trails.  This was one trip I actually took my camera and shot pictures with it instead of with just my phone camera...and wouldn't you know the memory card went all wonky on me and none of the pictures were saved.  We had a great weekend but I had only a few photos from the trip that I didn't feel were "blog worthy".  Now fast forward to July 2014 and Tommy visiting the city again as a student at Lynchburg College.  He had been there for a special program for a month and we were in town to pick him up.  We were all excited to see him again and to get a chance to revisit the city again.  They have miles and miles worth of trails so we went off in a new direction this time...and this time I made sure the pictures were good and SAVED! 

We parked between the James River and Amazement Square.  This visit we hike the Riverwalk Trail, a portion of the Blackwater Creek Bikeway and Point of Honor Trail. 

Amazement Square

Along Blackwater Creek Bikeway

Hollins Tunnel

What the....???


At Hollins Mill Crossing

On our last visit we hiked the Percival's Island trail which took us over the James River.  I enjoyed that hike but because it was January we froze our butts off.    We also visited Old City Cemetery in January...great spot if you are into old cemeteries...and we are.  And if you want a great place to stay near the riverfront try The Craddock Terry.  It was phenomenal!  

This week we are gearing up for a camping trip and for a bike event that is coming soon.  Summer is speeding by.  <sigh>      


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