Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Easy Peasy St. Paddy Day Cake

With St. Patrick's Day right around the corner how about something really easy and cute at the same time?  I am NO domestic goddess so if you are expecting a made from scratch recipe....not gonna happen here.  But mine ARE made with love and thank goodness for me my kids are happy and content with just about anything I pull out of the oven :)

I start with the basics....white cake mix (brand doesn't matter), green food coloring (seems like the more the better), white frosting, and sprinkles!  My sprinkles were mini chocolate chips in a rainbow of colors. 

I followed all the directions on the box for mixing the cake but added a step with mixing in the green food color.  Then I baked per instructions.  I used a bunt pan so that at the end I could just pour on the icing.  Plus I like the fun shape that comes out when I'm done. 

Once out of the oven I allowed the cake to cool and dumped it out on to a plate.  Then the fun part!  I put about half the icing in a measuring cup and melted it for about 20 seconds in the microwave.  Then I just poured it over the cake.  I didn't want to toally hide the green cake so that is why I used half.  Plus I'm not a huge fan of tons of icing.  Then I poured on the sprinkles  :) 

And that is my easy peasy cake....I just like to make woulds rhyme....makes me happy.  I think for Easter I'll try pink or purple!  Have a great day folks. 


  1. And it was delicious!! Not that you remember though....hahaha. Couldn't resist!

    1. ;o) I had some when I got home and was....more aware of my actions. Ha ha.