Thursday, March 22, 2012

Finger knitting

I am not sure if I should feel cheated or not......apparently a new craft I have discovered, finger knitting, has been around for a while.  Only I am just NOW hearing about it!  I saw a few sites (here and here) blogging about the joys of this new old craft and decided to give it a try.  I am so glad I did.  I had yarn laying around from the pom-poms I made for the St. Patrick's tree and followed the instructions I found on the web.  Now I can't stop!  I've made a few garlands for the trees plus a few other things here and there.  It's slightly addictive...and calming.  I won't even try to give you instructions since the other sites really do a good job of it....but I can at least share a couple of the things I've made. 

Why do I look so orange??? Ane where
did my face go?

This will be the garland
for the Easter tree

When I want to change colors I just tie
the two ends in a square knot

I like to change the colors
around with the yarns

If there is another craft I am missing people you have to tell ME!  I had no clue that I could be doing this...and what I love is that there is no special tool and no counting like in knitting.  Simple.  Easy.  I'm all about that!

I have taken down the St. Patrick's day tree ornaments and decorations.  Tonight I'll try to put up the Easter Tree ornaments and decorations.  But for now my dining room looks like this.......

Ho hum :)

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