Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring is Springing

I really love this time of year.  Well ok, I love the weather we are having.  I have spent the last two years working on our yard...planting lots of perennials, flowering bushes and trees.  So now I can't wait to see what the yard looks like when all of that hard work pays off!  I am starting to see some early signs of what's to come and I beyond excited!

I have no clue what these are
but they are so pretty

My Camillia Bush about to explode

Mini irises

I can't remember this one either but it's just
starting to get it's blooms

Those are just the ones that have buds and already pushing through.  My peonies and the holly hocks are starting to peak out of the ground and the dogwood tree is slowly coming back to life.  I have a serious case of spring fever , can you tell?

One thing that is not so pretty?  The corner of our yard that I claim is all mine......

Do I really want to claim this corner?

Seems that over the winter my little corner has somehow become the place to put the fallen tree limbs, miscellaneous summer toys that are not being used and anything else without a home :(  And see that chain link fence way back in the back....yea that is about to go bye-bye.  Looks like I know where my free time will be spent.  I'm kinda envisioning something more like this...........


I already have a plan to get it looking good...and there are already plants in the ground in there...somewhere...covered with leaves and STUFF!  Sigh.  It will get there. 

Are you enjoying the weather....have any plans for your yard this spring? 

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