Friday, March 2, 2012

Crafting for St. Paddy's Day

The St. Patrick's Day tree.

I've made a few new additions to the St. Paddy Day tree.  This is probably one of my favorite trees during the year.  So I've been working on a few things here and there to really finish it off.  I started working on a garland for it made of yo-yos.  Yo-yos are something I remember my mom and aunt making as a child.  And no I don't mean the wooden kids toys that roll up and down on a string.  I mean the kind that are cut out from material and sewn into little circles.

My first yo-yo

My mom and aunt could just cut out a circle and then whip up one of these in a minute with nothing more than a needle and thread.  I am not quite there I needed a little help to get started.  So I found a neat little tool at my local Michael's craft store.

For those of us more craft challenged

The instructions were super easy and getting started was a breeze.  I was able to make a few the first night and then I would just work on them here and there.  I used the material I had left over from the other St. Paddy Day crafts I worked on last week.  Once I had enough I just sewed them into a long chain and viola!

My very first yo-yo garland

I originally was going to put it on the tree
but it looks so nice here :)

I think now that I've done so many and have the concept down (really after about two or three you get it) I can try it without the tool and try more sizes and make a few other things.  I saw a few ideas on making tree ornaments so if I do that I'll keep you posted. 

This weekend we'll be heading north west to Harrisonburg.  We'll be staying at our friends house there.  Super excited to see them and catch up.  So what are your weekend plans?

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  1. Pretty March Tree... the yo yos are too cute.