Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Night at the Theater

This past Friday night I had the extreme pleasure of taking Christy to see The Lion King at The Landmark Theater.  Originally know as The Mosque, Landmark Theater opened it's doors in 1927.  According to the web site the original construction included a bowling alley, a pool and 42 hotel rooms.  Today it has seating for 3,565.  And on Friday night it looked like a full house. 

On approach

I have been to Landmark before but it's been a few years and didn't have a good memory about parking, walking distance, etc.  So I left the house and gave myself about an hour of driving time before the play started.  We got there in plenty of time (even after I missed a vital turn) and found parking in the deck next door to be the easiest option.  The theater is right in the mix with VCU campus buildings so to me it doesn't usually stand out.  But this particular night it glowed!  As soon as we saw the building we both were like little kids in a candy store. 

Landmark Theater

I had heard reviews of The Lion King but really even after hearing that it was great I was not prepared for how great it was.  I promise you it is MAGNIFICENT!  The music, the costumes, the everything are just indescribable.  

Hear him roar....

Once inside the had to climb to the third floor balcony and find our seats.  There is not a lot of room to manuver once in the seat but really once the show starts you won't be moving anyway.  The first act was maybe and hour and twenty minuets.  After a breif intermission the second act got started and lasted about an hour.  The play is of course based on Disney's movie The Lion King and many of the songs are similar to the movie.  There are a few changes here and there but it just adds to the play.  Both Christy and I thourghly enjoyed ourselves!  I would recommend it to anyone that either enjoys musicals or enjoyed the original movie. 

Curtain call

The center ceiling.

Now that is a light fixture.

Sorry pictures from the play since they don't allow photos to be taken.  And there was no way I wanted kicked out of this play!

My Christy.

It was a wonderful evening sharing something great with Christy.  So glad I had the oppurtunity to do it with her :)

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