Thursday, February 23, 2012

Blue Mountain Brewery

A couple weeks ago, while we were visiting the Wintergreen Resort in Virginia, we found ourselves in need so somewhere to sit and have a meal.  Some friends had recommended Blue Mountain Brewery.  It was located directly on route 250, the main road leading to I-64.  So for us it was perfect since we had to pass by it on our way home.  When we had come through that morning it was empty but by late lunch/early dinner it was packed! 

Walk this way....

There was a large outdoor patio, a covered sun room with seating and a second story inside for customers.   So plenty of options for your dinning pleasure. 

The menu was primarily burgers, sandwiches, thin crust specialty pizzas, salad and 3 or 4 desserts.  Then there was the is a brewery after all!  They have a number of beers on tap (made by their brewery) and then beers that are bottled to take home.  While in the restaurant you can try a sampler so that you can figure out what best suites your palette.  They go from light to dark....and by the time we got to the really dark I was letting Mark do all the heavy lifting :)

Objects in picture are smaller than they appear.

The samples are actually just enough for about two mouthfuls out of each.  They do have a non-alcoholic beverage as well.  Christy got in on that one.  Well actually we all tried it.  It was light and fruity with a little fizz thrown in.  We all enjoyed the food and drinks and since there are still wineries in the area we haven't visitied (gasp-I know) I think we'll be stopping by here in the future. 

A shot of the restaurant.

If you are ever in Nelson County stop in and enjoy some almost home made brew :)


  1. so what type of beers did they have on tap??

  2. They change what's on tap but beers with the name...Blue Mountain Classic Lauger, Kolsch 151, Evan Altmighty, Double Barrel Chocolate Orange Imperial Bourbon Stout, Full Nelson. I'm wishing they would put one closer to Richmond and my area so that we could visit more often :)