Friday, February 17, 2012

Dinner and a massage

Does anyone else feel like Valentine's Day has become a mini Christmas?  With all the gift giving and cards and decorations....I sorta expected a fat man dressed in red and shooting arrows to show up.  Now that I think about it maybe I could of had Mark dress in boxers with hearts and wear a beard and red hat...anyway....what was I saying?  Oh yea....I know I'm guilty of decorating for it but that's what I do for almost all holidays.  But going shopping the night before was like a mad house!  Mark and I are not the kinds to exchange gifts for Valentine.  We rather do something fun and then later just cherish the memory of what we did. 

This year we made reservations at a local eatery for Valentine's Day and then a couples massage the following day (note to self-we should do this EVERY special occasion). We hardly ever splurge on something like a massage so it was our treat to each other  instead of getting a box of chocolates or flowers. 

Dinner was at Hiram Haines' Literary Coffee Shop in Old Towne Petersburg.  I had read about the shop some time ago and then around Christmas found it but still never went in.  Last week before having dinner with a girlfriend I stopped in to see what they had going on.  I found out that not only did they have books and coffee but they also have wine, beer and desserts.  Hello!  Where have I been?  A book store with beer and wine?  My kinda place!  They told me that they are going to be serving foods (sandwiches/entrees) in the near future and that on Valentine's Day they were having a special dinner.  Since we hadn't made any plans I arranged for Grandpa to keep Emma and made our reservations.  I am so glad I did too because it was a great night.

Our table setting.

Another table setting...they had already gone.

They made dinner a very special event.  Fresh roses on all of the tables, a gift at each table for the ladies, candles to light the room and white linen table clothes to make it look all that more special.  Dinner was a slow process with time between courses to sip wine and cuddle with your sweetie.  The food was good...but dessert was down right AWESOME.  Chocolate covered strawberries, a slice of mousse cake, and then a cream puff with chocolate on the outside....and no you didn't pick one....your plate came with all three.  It was AMAZING!  Before leaving we sipped coffee while they wrapped up our roses to take home.  It was a wonderful night with my honey.


Such a cozy place.

It's all in the details.

But the fun part was that we carried over the special occasion into the following day.  I had made arrangements to have a couples massage at a Therapeutic Massage.  Also in Old Towne Petersburg, the owner has created this little place that just makes me smile every time I walk in.

Therapeutic Massage.

The kitchen area

Their products.

The couples room.

I love old buildings and I like to support local businesses.  So this fun excursion was a double plus...along with getting totally spoiled.  Who wouldn't love that!    Before we left they asked if we wanted to book our next session....sadly we'll probably wait until another special event to do it.  Ho hum.  But all the fun was certainly the way I want to remember how we spent Valentine's Day in 2012!

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