Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Oh what a ride

This past Saturday The Bryants and some friends loaded up and headed to Wintergreen Resort.  I had already tried my hand at skiing many moons ago and I found that skiing is just NOT for me.  It takes a fair amount of coordination and my body just does not cooperate!  So this time we planned on just sticking to snow tubing :) 

Get ready to ride.

I had purchased my tickets about a week in advance online.  You can't purchase them much further in advance per Wintergreen's policy.  That way in case of a major warm up or they can't make enough snow they are not having to refund a lot of tickets.  And don't wait too long before getting tickets because they WILL sale out!  Tickets are $28 a piece and there are certain restrictions on size (check their website for all the info).  We arranged for the 10-noon tubing time.  At first I thought 2 hours seemed like it wouldn't be long enough....but trust me....it MORE than enough.  We got to the resort about 9:15 and got checked in easily.  We had to wait until exactly 10 before we were allowed on "The Plunge". 

Go ahead....take the plunge!

This girl is ready!

My biggest kid :)

They send everyone down their lanes at the same time and you get a count down before heading down.  Once down at the end you just grab your tube and head over to a conveyor belt that hauls you back up.

I'm glad I didn't have to climb up myself.

The Plunge park is right next to some of the skiing and just below one of the lodges.  You could easily head up for some hot cocoa or to warm up by the fire.  

The lodge.

Tommy keeping warm.

Just before the our session ended the zip lining open up.  I had already planned on us doing that but needed to purchase the tickets there at the resort.  Christy was more than excited about this.   I am going to have to keep an eye on that girl....she is my thrill seeker!

Waiting to zip line

The plat form

About to jump!
The zip lining is right next to the tubing park so you are not running all around the resort to get from one area to the next.  Mark and I also did the zip lining :)  It was pretty awesome!  It's $10 a piece to do this and for $15 you can go twice.  Before leaving the park we grabbed a quick bite then made our way one to the next stage of our adventure.  I'll cover that tomorrow. 

Me and the kidos.

The ski slopes.

It was an awesome day.  I was a little sore that night and the next day but not enough to not go again!  The kids loved it and seeing them grin and smile almost the whole day made everything totally worth it!

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