Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Love

Well for a weekend that didn't have very much planned, it ended up being a busy time.  Guess that happens when you put off things like getting the oil changed, buying groceries and getting hair cuts.  I actually had put that last chore off for two years!  But not to worry....I only got the ends trimmed and made a future appointment for a new color.  Glad to see we all made it to Monday and to the start of another fabulous week. 

My crock pot was good to me :)

I made a new discovery in Old Town Petersburg

I surprised Mark with a night at the theater.

We enjoyed a few moments of natures beauty.

Being Valentine week we are just a tad busier than usual (shaking my head wondering how did I manage to put something else on the calendar) but we have an extra special treat to pamper ourselves in store on Wednesday to make up for all of the craziness.  

How did you guys spend your weekend?

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