Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Swift Creek Mill Playhouse

Swift Creek Mill Playhouse.

Just a short drive across town is a small dinner theatre, Swift Creek Mill Playhouse.  Built in 1663, this mill changed hands several times before becoming the historical landmark it is today.  Located right next to the Swift Creek, in Colonial Heights, the theatre has a beautiful backdrop for a location.  It seems that they have about half a dozen shows a season with times varying to include some matinees on weekends.  Tickets for dinner and a play were about $50 a piece.  You can buy tickets to only see the play.  The dinner is buffet style and starts at 6:00 for an evening play.  You have dinner on the first floor and then move upstairs for the play.  I didn't see an elevator for anyone that might have trouble with the stairs but they have a number to call to make arrangements for assistance. 

Theatre to the left....dinner to the right.

This particular night my Mom had asked to do something with our men.  And when I say our men I mean my dad, my brother-in-law and Mark.  So my sister and I made some arrangements and told the men what day and what time to be ready but we didn't tell them where we were going or what we were doing.  I think Mark was a little nervous :)  And if I tell you what he guessed then you would think he had lost his MIND.  But come Saturday night we all arrived at the Playhouse around the same time.  Mark was happy to find out he was not going to have to do something crazy (like I would make him do that) and since he had never been to the Playhouse he considered it an adventure. 

Swift Creek

Dinner at the Playhouse is....o.k.  It's not great food but it's also not the worst food I've eaten either.  We saw the play The 39 Steps.  It's an adaptation of an Alfred Hitchcock movie by the same name.  I have no idea if the movie was a comedy but the play sure is.  We really enjoyed ourselves and now Mark has a new fondness for live theatre! 

The Playhouse gift shop.

Our little crew waiting for me to take pictures.

Wouldn't this be pretty at Christmas.

The mill no longer functions but they refurbished
some of the equipment to add to the atmosphere.

The 39 Steps

The stage before the performance.

It was a really fun night.  My dad did make it clear however that the next "secret date night" would be planned by him and he did mention Hooters...ha ha ha.  I certainly think Mark's first trip here will not be his last.

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