Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Love

Please keep all hands and arms inside the vehicle until the weekend comes to a stop!  Whew!!!!  What a busy/exciting/fun weekend :)  I think from the time the weekend started to the time the weekend ended we were going non stop.  I've tell you all about it this week but just a few pictures to share for now. 

Christy and I saw The Lion King in Richmond

The girls up early on Saturday to play with the stuffed Pumba

Mark and I attended the Red Dress Gala
in support of The American
Heart Association

Mark playing Capt. Morgan after a run
at Henricus Park

Emma helping her Aunt Sharon
blow out the candle on her cake

And after all that fun....we got to come home and clean up after the E-2 (2 year old Emma) touched down in our living room...

Looks like Daddy and Emma had
a good time while Momma was
busy at the park.

Hope everyone had a grand weekend.  I'll post more on some of the chaos that was our weekend during the week. 

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