Thursday, February 9, 2012

Nelson County Wine Country

This last weekend after some fun tubing The Busy Bryants did a little tour of a few of the wineries around Wintergreen.  There are several in the area but since we've already hit a few in the past we narrowed down our visits to three new to us wineries. 

Wintergreen Winery in Nelson County was our first stop since it was on the same road as the resort.  With signs along the road and arrows pointing to "wine here" you can find this winery easily.  Tastings are $5 unless you buy three bottles, then tastings are free.  Yea, ours were free :)  The tasting room is in a small building that is actually over 200 years old.  You would never know that with all that they have done to refurbish the building.  Behind the winery are picnic tables right next to a winding brook, so on those hot summer days you can sit by the cool water and sip your wine. 

Yea I think I could spend a few hours here sitting and sipping.

After leaving Wintergreen we headed back towards I-64.  I was using my Wine in my Pocket App to find the wineries but there are really enough signs along the road to tell you where to turn and how far to go.  Just down (or is it up) the road we made our second stop at Hill Top Berry Farm .  This is a "true to the fruit" winery.  That means if you taste blueberry it is because it's made with blueberries, not grapes with blueberry juice.  This winery also is in the business of making mead.  That is wine with honey as the sweetener.  I like the mead wines ok but Mark liked them better than the traditional grape wines.  The winery itself is a simple one story wood sided building with a long bar in the tasting room and a separate banquet room.  They do have a large covered pavilion area attached to the front.  The pavilion has it's own fire place and ceiling fans for cool weather and warm weather. 

The banquet room.

They were pruning the blackberry bushes the day we visited.

Our last wine stop of the day was just a little further up the road heading back towards I 64.  This stop was at Flying Fox Winery.  This has to be one of the smallest wineries and vineyards.  I literally laughed at the vineyard because it was so tiny!  But none the less they had good wines.  The tasting room is in a small wooden building the size of most houses (it probably was really just a house converted into a tasting facility) but it was cozy and I liked their taste in decorating.  They do have a small patio on the back with a few table and seats. 

The attached patio


We really enjoyed all of the wineries on this visit.  There was something at each one that I liked and wanted to tuck away in my memory to draw from on my rainy days.  A winding brook, an outdoor fireplace and a charming house winery :) Our day still had one more fun tid bit left in store for us...but I'll save that for another day!

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