Friday, March 30, 2012

Maymont park continued

After much begging and pleading with the computer I was finally able to upload the remaining pictures from our day at Maymont Park.  Twas just a short week ago....but feels like it's been a month.

The family mausoleum.  It sits on a hill overlooking
the James River

I dunno about you...but I could live here.

Much of the view is obstructed with trees
but the view from the house is looking over the
James River

The park has a petting zoo, numerous floral gardens (Japanese garden, Italian garden, Butterfly garden), a learning center with a cafe and gift shop, offers tours of the mansion, and has every kind of outdoor space you can think of for picnicking.  If you come for a visit and plan to see everything give yourself several hours and bring your camera.  You are going to love it!   

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