Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Kitchen Shelves

I'm happy to report that the kitchen walls have been painted and our new kitchen shelves have been hung.  While browsing through Anthropologie months ago I saw a display of open shelves and fell in love.  And since our kitchen is short on counter space and cabinets I thought that a couple of shelves would help in that area too. 

Before the paint job and shelves

And after

I like the way they turned out.  I thought that a third shelf would crowd the wall but I am second guessing myself now.  I think I might drop the selves about six inches and put in that third one.  And the selves were a DIY project so super cheap.  My kinda budget!  That is what prompted Mark to cut me up some would in the dark!

I at least cut the light on for him
My next goal is to sand, prime and paint the kitchen cabinets........blah!  Not looking forward to it.  Wonder where I will find the time?

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