Friday, January 4, 2013

The 2013 Wish List

I like to sit down, with my calender, at the start of every year and fill in some of the blank dates with things "to do".  I always have things in the back of my head that I want us to see and visit.  Putting them on the calendar sometimes makes me leave that date free from other activities so that we can actually go do the fun things.  This year I already have an couple ideas for the coming months....

During the Winter months I want to take the family on a whale watching adventure.  There are a couple sites that offer cruises.  Rudee Tours and The Virginia Aquarium offer the same cruise but both sites have links available to book whale watching trips.  Yes I know.....dress WARM.

In February I want to take a trip to a more historical site.  Monticello is a place I have always wanted to visit but never have.  2013 is going to be the year!!!  And since Monticello is in the middle of several wineries you can bet we'll be making a stop at a few of them.

There is one adventure I can't wait to get on, The Virginia Capital Trail.  It's a trail that runs from the Colonial capital of Virginia, Williamsburg, to the capital of today, Richmond.  I want to bike the portions of the 54 mile long trail are open.  Christy has given up on the bike thing....says she can't walk for days 

When the weather really gets warm again we might head back to the water for a dinner or brunch cruise.  Last year we visited Ingleside Winery with this company and had a great time.  This year it would be nice to visit Fredricksburg and flow down the river on a paddle boat.  Tangier Cruises does trips to the winery, Tangier Island and Fredricksburg. 


If we have time in the summer I can see us camping in the forest and biking the trails at a couple of Virginia's State Parks.  Douthat and Fairy Stone are two that I'm looking at.  Both have lots to offer and are close to other attractions.  I'm really interested in the covered bridges near each of them. 


In June we know we'll be visiting Virginia Beach for a race....yea the race we couldn't do last year due to weather/course conditions.  The Tough Mudder.  I am not sure what is worse...the training leading up or the race itself!  Speaking of races....Color me Rad, Monument 10K, Foam Fest and Shamrock 5K are all back on the schedule this year...better get my running shoes ready!

I was thinking of returning to NOVA to mark a few more wineries off our list sometime around our anniversary.  It's a beautiful area to visit and since we try to get away alone on our anniversary it just seems like the perfect time. 

The Great October Adventure is still up for debate.  A return trip to Bear Creek State Park would be close enough for a weekend and give us the chance to bike High Bridge State Park again.  My heart is not set on this idea so we will have to see what happens.

I do have a vision of a sunset over the Chesapeake Bay....maybe some wine, a romantic stroll on the to to Tonya.  Sorry about dreaming again.  I would like to slip off to Cape Charles, on the Eastern Shore, maybe for a weekend...maybe a month.  :)


When December gets back around I want to take the kids to Christmas Town in Williamsburg.  I heard some good things about it and think we just might try it this year. 


Other than the day to day adventures we have (that's called life) these are the big ones I really would like to do.  Nothing set in stone and I wouldn't stomp around and be angry if we don't get to them.  But it would be nice to share some time with the family trying something new :) 

So how about you?  Anything you REALLY want to do this year? 

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  1. I would LOVE to go back to that state park on the Eastern shore!!! Maybe the October Adventure could be to a place near Lebanon va. I hear there are some wineries out that way, too. Or maybe to DC to see some museums! hmmm Maybe we can hit up a few other state parks I have my eye on in the summer too. One has a pool!!!