Friday, January 11, 2013

Winter Mittens

After all the Christmas decorations are put away the house feels so.....normal.  And I can't stand that :-/
So after the Winter Tree was up I started working on some Winter Mittens to hang as decorations.  I used craft store felt, some paint, yarn and some mini-clothes pins I already had.  It took me a couple nights but only because I would work on it then go goof off and come back and work on it then goof off again. 

I couldn't find a template online for the mittens so I just drew one myself on a piece of paper.  Then I traced it onto the felt.  There is no picture of me putting the paint on because Emma was climbing all over the table I was working on and all over me.  So taking pictures took a low priority so that I could avoid paint all over the place.  I played around with the paint on a scrap piece of felt before I actually put it on the mittens.  It took me a few times before I decided on a final look.  I hung them with mini-clothes pins on a piece of yarn that I attached to the self.  With these hanging around I do feel like winter has arrived....despite the 60 degree weather we're having :) 

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