Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Looking at the year ahead

Like a lot of people, for me, the first part of the new year brings with it a feeling of new beginnings and a spirit of "anything is possible".  I usually pull out my calendar around now and transfer all the birthdays and special events that I'm suppose to keep up with and I start looking at dates and thinking "so what can I fill this weekend with?" 

James River State Park
Photo from the park Website.

This year I have a few things already in mind.  We know for starters we're going to James River State Park in just a couple weeks.  That will go along with my goal to visit all of Virginia's state parks :)  It will only be for a weekend and no we will NOT be camping.  Many of the state parks also have cabin rentals!  I envision a weekend of board games, warm cozy fires and a hike or three. It will probably end up being three kids fighting, two parents arguing (that would be my parents-not Mark and myself) and me wondering why do I plan these trips?  LOL.  But it will be fun....even if I have to hose down the kids and my parents!

February I am in the works of planning a trip to go snow tubing.....Mark and I have never been but Tommy and Christy have.  This particular resort also have zip lining.  I hear tubing it is a total blast but then again the kids also think staying up until 2 a.m. is a good idea and Mountain Dew for breakfast is ok.  So again I may end up thinking why do I plan these trips :) 

March, April and May have a few things in the works.  Races in the area start to gear up so some of our time will be spent getting in some form of shape for those and then actually running them.  I used to enjoy when I could run with Tommy....but now that he is a good five or six inches taller and a whole lot faster so he leaves me in the dust!  I also think as the temperatures get warmer I'll book a couple seats on a Rappahannock River Cruise.  The cruise will take us to a winery for lunch and then bring us back to dock. 

Taken from the cruise website.

June I am looking forward to going back to southwest Virginia and spending a week camping at Natural Tunnel State Park.  I want to take the kids back to ride the Virginia Creeper Trail.  Christy and Emma went on our first adventure there but Tommy wasn't able to make it.  The park itself looks to have a lot to keep the kids busy/happy so it looks like the perfect combination of family fun and adventure. 

Our first visit to the Creeper.

July we are looking at a trip with friends to Gatlinburg, TN.  I know, I know it's not Virginia but this is a trip I can't pass on.  I mean who could resist a chalet with a river running right along side of it, a hot tub, a pool table and the company of great friends?  Not me!  Our friends have been to this place once before a couple years ago....and they tell me it's awesome....and no they don't think Mt. Dew for breakfast is ok.

August we will be at the beach for a long weekend as a family and then a weekend away in Chicoteague Virginia for just Mark and myself.  We will be celebrating our anniversary and a trip is usually our treat to each other.  Maybe a lake for the long family weekend, the Eastern Shore is also always nice....decisions decisions.

September I want another long weekend away and this time camping at Westmoreland State Park.  From here we can visit the birth place of George Washington and there are several wineries in the area to visit. 

October we will plan another Great October adventure.  I know there will be pumpkin patches, ghost tours and trick-or-treating! 

November we might find time to make it to a few of the dozens of wine festivals that start happening around the state.  And what a perfect time to start stocking up for Christmas gifts and our open house. 

December I want to go to Virginia Beach to see the Holiday Lights on the Virginia Beach Boardwalk.  I know this time of year is always busy but I think it would be well worth slowing down just for a night to take a short visit. 

Photo taken from the Holiday Lights web site.

There are so many other great things I want to do this year.  Sometimes I feel like I'm going to bust with excitement when I start thinking of all the possiblities :)  One thing is for matter what the Busy Bryants are doing....we will be trying to have fun! 

So what have I missed on here....what are you guys doing or planning?  Tell me so maybe I can add it to my list, if not this year....then next year :)

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