Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wine Country

Friday evening I had the opportunity to travel just a little north of Richmond into some of Virginia's best wine county.  Northern Virginia is an area highly populated with fine wineries and vineyards.  Sometimes it's as easy to find a winery as just following the "grape" signs along the road.  Other times you need GPS and a map...I put my new iphone app Va Wine in My Pocket to the test and it did not fail!  I just wondered if I should share all the details in one post of spread them out.....one post may not do each one justice but three posts seems a bit much for me to try and type out :)  Maybe I'll just type til my fingers get tired. 

This fun trip was the brilliant idea of my good friend Stephanie.  She is awesome at planning things to go do and she always comes prepared.  I thought I was good at organizing events but she has me beat....there was an itinerary typed up and waiting for us when we got to her house. 

Our first stop was at Potomac Point Winery.  Located in Stafford County, the winery is only an hour and a half north of Richmond.  You do have to travel a few back roads with twists, turns and curves to get there but then you pop up over a little hill and see it.....stunning.  This is a beautiful winery with a lot of Italian influences.  With an open courtyard with tables/seating and a second story patio you have a feel of a European cafe.  The tasting room has a large four sided bar and a small room just to the side of the bar for children.  The tastings are offered three ways, Classic (9 wines) $5, Reserve (7 wines) $7, and Premier (all of them) $10.  We opted for the Premier and it was well worth getting to try them all.  I ended up with a bottle of 2009 Chardonnay, La Bella Vie Rose, and a bottle of the Abbinato.  There is also a bistro on site for lunches and dinner.  Very cozy room to the side for that. 

At first sight :)

Some of that Italian influence.

The courtyard.

Enter here.

For your shopping pleasure.

The Bistro room

Playroom for the kids.

Another shot of the courtyard.

When are they open?

Large ballroom.

They put their name in the tile in case they forget where
they are...

Until we meet again Potomac Point.

I think I will have to at least break this into two posts...Part II tomorrow :)

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