Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A weekend at James River State Park (what we did)

You would think that in the middle of the winter in Virginia there would not be a lot to do.  Especially outdoors in a park.  But that wouldn't be totally true.  While at James River State Park we managed to stay busy with fun activites almost the entire time.....of course the down time relaxing wasn't bad either. 

We played cards.

We played board games.

Christy taught Emma the importance of

When we weren't inside playing games or goofing off the park offered plenty of trails to hike or bike.  When you check in they give you a map of the park and the trails.  I found the map to be pretty accurate.  Mark found the map frustrating.  There were markers on most of the trials to let you know what trail you were on...a few didn't match the map but for the most part it was easy enough to figure out where you were and how to get to where you wanted to be.  One particular overlook was just stunning.

Hiking up to the overlook.

I told them to try and look happy. 

The Tye River coming into the James River.

Now is that a pretty sight or what?  

The Tye River overlook.

We stayed to see the train pass over the trestle.

To get to this overlook it was just a short hike up a hill (not even a mile from foot of hill).  We didn't stay here for very long since there was still plenty more to see.  The kids wanted to go back to the cabin so Mark and I dropped them off and tryed another trail next to the James River. 

The mighty James.

A picnic area along the river.

This trail was the one we thought wasn't clearly marked and found that when it was marked it didn't match what was on the map.  We still were able to find our way from the trail, up a hill and back at the cabin's front door.  The trail starts off near a parking area close to the river.  In the summer this area has kayak rentals and intertube rentals.  So you can put in here and just flow down the river.  From what I understand you can get a shuttle back up to where you put in.  I'm excited to return in the warm weather to give this a try.  Since we brought the bikes we also had to at least put the wheels to the road once! 

Tommy did the heavy work.

Emma did the easy work :)

The park had three lakes to fish, an amphitheater for outdoor events and has several pavilions for picnicking.  They offered a basket weaving class for an extra $55, a tractor ride up to the Tye River overlook and had a class on owls the weekend that we went.  I was surprised that being the middle of winter they offered so much to do.  Because we were busy with our own activities we didn't opt for the extra stuff they had but I was glad to hear they offered so much.  I'm glad to say that our little family was happy to just sit around the fire or to just sit around talking and goofing off...I'll have to try and remember next time to not doze off with my feet exposed....

There were a few pranksters in the cabin.

It was a great weekend!  Always good to get away with the family of some quality time together.  Can't wait to do it again :)

A few random pics...

A picnic shelter near the base of the overlook trail.

Take only memories...leave only footprint.

Cabin #7 journal.

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