Friday, January 6, 2012

Yay or Nay

Seems like it has been a while since we did a yay or nay....but I can promise we have been keeping up with sampling some of Virginia's wines ;)  Over Christmas we opened our bottle of Courtney's Christmas from Lost Creek Winery.  It really is "Christmas in a Bottle" with clove and other spices that remind you of that special time of year.  Then we had a bottle of Raspberry Merlot from Fabbioli Cellars.  Finally we had the Tavern Red from Saude Creek.  I am happy to say that all of them were Yay....I think that most of the wine we have at home is already going to be a Yay simply because we have already been to the winery and tasted them and them liked them enough to purchase them.  The real Yay or Nay decisions will come when we get back out on the wine trails :)

All of the wines were sweet wines and except for the Tavern Red were just a little something to sip on while sitting by our Christmas Tree (or January Tree as it is now) or while having family/friends over.  The Tavern Red is a bit less sweet in flavor and I had it with some crackers and cheese.  We also served the Tavern Red at our open house...both chilled and mulled.

The warm Tavern Red.

While at Saude Creek Winery they served this wine warmed in a crock pot with fruit sliced in it.  I tried the same just to see how it would go over.  I didn't try it at the winery (I like chilled wine) and thought it would be a nice option for our guests.  When I took the lid off the crock pot to serve it I was taken back at how much more fragrant the wine was.  It took my breath away literally!  Warming it also changed the taste of the wine.  I can't put my finger on what changed but I described it as 'mellow'.  It was a good change none the less.

The Tavern Red

Tavern Red

The Raspberry Merlot from Fabbioli Cellars

I was in such a rush the night we had the Courtney's Christmas that I forgot to take a picture of it.  Ho hum.  We are making some plans to make it to a few wineries here in the next month.  So I'll work on finding a Nay...ha ha.  Have a great weekend folks.  The Busy Bryants will be visiting a local plantation if our plans work out so I'll have some fun pictures to share soon.

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