Friday, January 20, 2012

Yay or Nay

In November Mark and I visited the Abingdon Winery in Abingdon Virginia.  It was a great visit and a wonderful winery, sighhhhhhhhhh.  We can't remember which on of us picked this one out to buy but either way it was a good purchase.  The makers of the wine describe it as "A very sweet blush blend of Traminette, White Chambourcin, and White Cabernet Franc"   The very sweet part is dead on!  This wine needs a warm piece of pie or fresh fruit to pair with.  Since I don't lean towards the really sweet my guess is Mark picked this out :)  I enjoyed it enough tho to ask for a second glass.  Sipping it by the fire last weekend was a nice touch.  So of course we have another Yay on our hands! 

I might be hitting a winery or two this weekend...can't wait to get started :)

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