Thursday, December 27, 2012

From Cavas to Chalk Board

I recently posted some pictures of the Christmas decorations in the house.  I also posted them on Instagram.  I had a couple people ask about the new chalk board in the kitchen....the one with the Christmas Tree.

Yes that Christmas Tree....over on the left. 

It was a super easy project!  And since I am no artist it was a super simple Chirstmas tree with no frills :)

All you need is a canvas, chalk board paint and if you want it to look a little nicer a pretty frame.  I am lucky in that my mother-in-law paints, so frames are not hard to come by and after I explained my project she gave me a painting she didn't like and told me to just paint over it.  I did and the final product came out just as nice as if I used a blank canvas.  I used Martha Stewart's chalk paint form Michael's. 

I applied a coat of the paint once a day for three days and just left it laying around in between times to dry.  Then I stuck it in the fame and voila!

I had thought about painting a wall in the kitchen in chalk board paint.  Something like this....

The Lettered Cottage

Or maybe something like this..........

Under the Sycamore

I'm afraid that the size of the kitchen and the lack of natural light won't support such a large effort.  Maybe I'll broaden my horizon get braver next year :)

Speaking of next year....I'm looking at future adventures the Bryants can get into....what sort of things have you and your family always wanted to do but never tried?

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